Top 7 Mobile Games You Must Play in 2016

Although the ‘free-to-play’ industry has had a certain amount of beating recently because of game enthusiasts falling out of love while using in-app payments, the vast world of mobile games continues to be an exhilarating one. Whether or not you want games which will last the duration of a commute or wish to be lost in a port of GTA wherein you invest hours mowing down the pedestrians and earning money from homicide, there exists a game on here to suit your needs. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will mention the top 7 best mobile games of 2016.

1. The Room


Among the most unfavorable facets of the touchscreen games are the deficiency of tactile controls. The Room, however, is an amazingly tactile game, in spite of you investing your time grabbing the glass. It is because it requires you sitting down there, attempting to unravel the secrets of a box. Each switch or dial you mess with could cause something to spring to existence somewhere else. In no time, you’re engrossed in the game comparable to Russian dolls meets woodworking, as breathed into existence by an insane creator. You will find clues of horror hiding within, as well, and a fragmented as well as a haunting story to discover. Play this particular game inside a dimly lit room while it is raining outside for the best effect; and as soon as you’re done, instantly set up and play the similarly outstanding sequel.

2. Framed


From a video gaming point of view, the most crucial element of touch screen gadgets is that they provide you with innovative ways to play, but comparatively few creators take full benefits, rather selecting to mimic conventional controls. Framed is definitely an exception, hurling you headlong directly into an animated comic of sorts. Your purpose would be to enhance the prospects of a secret agent, running from the police officers – and even worse. Panels are being pulled out and spun, and innovative concepts frequently appear, which include you having to meticulously change scenes on the page at precisely the correct moment. It is an elegant as well as a finite affair which finishes before it becomes old, leaving you happy, however, wishing for more.

3. Angry Birds Space


Designer Rovio has done a great deal of intense whoring of the Angry Birds business, yet this simplified physics game sequence is definitely an interesting option. For one, it presents some innovative play ideas, with the planet-based levels demanding diverse techniques, and the puzzles usually need a little more of an innovative approach as opposed to throw-it-and-see of the originals.

4. Prune


It is not very often you see a mobile game regarding the “pleasure of cultivation”, and Prune is not like anything you have ever played previously. Evidently developing from a trial and error tree-generation program, this particular game has you swiping to shape and develop a plant in the direction of sunlight by tactically removing particular branches. This might sound easy; however, the trees, bushes, and weeds in this game do not hang around. While they are developing speedily and you end up facing with toxic red orbs to protect yourself from or structures which affect delicate branches, you will be moving in a frenzied race in the direction of sunlight. And all it requires is only one dodgy strike from a chicken finger to see the meticulously managed plant suddenly discover itself being chopped up in two.

5. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


In case you are not already acquainted with Blizzard’s Hearthstone then look at this as a warning: it will get really very addicting. A card mobile game from the creators of World of Warcraft, Hearthstone perceives you making decks from purchased or won cards to combat against buddies as well as strangers. It is a remarkably complicated game which calls for careful technique. It is possible to play and enjoy without having to pay anything, yet there are alternatives for purchasing booster packs as well as add-on missions if you want to.

6. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions 


This is actually the good stuff. A lot of mobile games claim of being console-quality; however, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions happens to be an unusual title which fully delivers. Just like its ancestors, it is a twin-stick shooting game, a battle for survival against the waves of lethal neon invaders. Nevertheless, as its name refers to, the game dispenses with smooth and flat arenas, instead covering the play areas around geometric forms. It is confusing as a cube in the space you are traveling lurches about, and electrifying as you hardly steer clear of the ships hiding behind an edge. Along with fifteen grids and twelve modes, in addition to a comprehensive single-player mission, Dimensions very easily manages to be the best game available on mobile.

7. Pocket League Story 2


Kariosoft’s produced a huge thing for itself by utilizing its management style of the overall game throughout different situations, with this particular sporting event being among the best. You take full control of a club, after that stress regarding signings, cash, strategies and much more. It’s somewhat robbed of some enjoyment by a desire to make use of in-app purchases to extract money from the gamers, ironically reflecting the state of the mobile game it takes ideas from.

Importance of “About Me” page

If you can use eBay to advertise your internet business with an About Me page, then you have a non-sleeping partner that will help to make you money even while you sleep. If this sounds a bit unlikely, then sit back and listen up, because this technique is used by some of the world’s richest eBay users to boost their online businesses, even if they have nothing to do with eBay.

I can hear the cogs and wheels in your brain whirling round about that. How can you use eBay to advertise a business that has nothing to do with eBay? The answer to that likes in a little-used feature of eBay that is not widely advertised, but that the better internet marketers know about and can take full advantage of, even though eBay might be only a minor part of their business.


Before this secret is revealed, let’s have a look at an average online business. EBay can be used to make money in a number different ways; although each involves publishing an eBay listing on the site for the product or service you are selling. You can sell new goods that you purchase at one price and sell at a higher price. You can purchase at wholesale prices and sell at individual retail prices to make a profit. You can even drop ship, buying different products at a wholesale price, and then having the merchant deliver the product once you have paid them from the buyer’s payment to you.

Whichever of these ways you use to make money on eBay, you can include a link to your About Me page on your listing. This is a page that eBay allows you to design to your specifications, and as long as you are not advertising products that you are not selling on eBay, you can use it to lead visitors to a non-eBay website. This is particularly useful if you have your site.

The About Me page is an HTML page that can include the following:

Your site URL, or the URL to any page on your website. There is no limit to the number of URLs you can provide. You can provide your Feedback record, and details of other products you are selling on eBay, including your eBay store. You can also offer useful information, such as mini-tips or links to useful info-sites (e.g. yours!).

It does not take a lot of brain cells to see how such a page can be used to your advantage and the various ways in which you can use it. Don’t break eBay rules in using it, but it is easy to advertise your websites – as many as you want. This is because you can change your page every now and again.

Even if you have no website, get one. Offer anything on it that will earn you money, even an affiliate product or only use it as a squeeze page to provide a newsletter which is within eBay guidelines. You can even add pictures, audio and video to your About Me page.

A link to the page can be placed anywhere in your listing that suits you. You can only have one About Me page, but are allowed to modify it as often as you wish, so you can change it daily if you want to promote a different website each day. Everybody that clicks on your listing to see your description will see your About Me link, and you can use words in your listing to ensure the click-through.

It is used by very few eBay sellers, and now that you know how to use eBay to advertise your internet business with an About Me page then your traffic should increase in line with the traffic you attract to your eBay listing. It is a tiny price for traffic that would cost a fortune in PPC costs.